The perfect stepping stone towards a future as a leader

The perfect stepping stone towards a future as a leader

KIM English

About KIM English

Are you just bursting with good ideas, but is no one in your organization picking up on that? You’re still looking for ways to get your colleagues on board naturally? Are you contemplating your next step in your career, and you’re not sure if choosing management is the right move? Establishing authority is not an easy feat for an experienced professional with or without decision-making power. So, take control and choose to develop this skill and discover how much more effectively you can exert influence in your work going forward.

Through our KIM English training we will help you develop a personal leadership style and increase your communicative skills. Be the best version of you and give your actions the impact they deserve.

  • You will develop your own personal leadership style.
  • Get the most from your colleagues, your organization and yourself.
  • The perfect stepping stone towards a future as a leader.
  • Your current working environment is the central starting point.
  • You will learn to think and act in a fundamentally different way.

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KIM English in a nutshell

During this intensive training your will learn to use your talents and qualities more effectively in order to better influence your environment. You will discover the effect your behaviour has on others and experience how successful a different approach can be. You will improve your communicative skills, enhance your powers of persuasion and expand your knowledge about interaction and management. How? By learning and doing. Thus, you will discover essential theories and get to practice your new skills, during the training and in real life. The sharp and precise feedback you receive will give you a better insight into your qualities and any points of development. The final result: a leadership style to match your personality and give you more influence in your line of work.


  • You know how to exercise authority, without tooting your own horn.
  • You used to be a ‘lone voice’, but now you’re an informal leader
  • You’re always willing to listen, without monopolising the conversation.
  • You have a leadership style that suits your personality.
  • You’ve made the transition from a silent force to an unmistakable inspirer.
  • As an informal leader you are aware of the limits and countless possibilities.

Who is the KIM English training for?
KIM English is designed for the undergraduate or graduate level professional willing to work hard to develop his or her leadership qualities and communicative skills. You have the ambition to become a leader and love to set out the guidelines. During the course you will not just casually sit back and expect some magical formula guaranteeing instant success. Instead, you will actively get started on practice-oriented exercises and experiment with different leadership styles. You will often spar with other participants and value their sharp feedback as a chance to improve yourself even further. This requires a lot of guts, but your efforts will be greatly rewarded: a new and improved version of you, both as a leader and as a person.

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The perfect stepping stone towards a future as a leader

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Our trainers about the KIM (Dutch)

The KIM, in two more variants (Dutch)

KIM voor leidinggevenden

Leidinggeven is niet altijd rozengeur en maneschijn, het is een vak apart. Een vak dat je kunt leren. Een vak waar je je hele leven voordeel van hebt, elke dag. Een vak met impact. Kies ervoor om jezelf te ontwikkelen tot een leider, met de training KIM.

KIM compact & blended

Weet je niet hoe  je in je drukke leven een sprong vooruit kunt maken in (persoonlijk) leiderschap? Kies voor KIM compact & blended, een flexibele leiderschapstraining waarin jij zelf het leertempo bepaalt.

How can we help?

How can we help?

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